Berkson has been in practice for 40 years in functional (nutrition, hormones and the gut) medicine since this field began. Berkson is considered a ‘thought leader’ in sophisticated integrative care. So when you have an educational consult with Berkson you are getting the benefit of all those decades of the research needed to be a professor to MDs and other specialists for continuing education courses.
In working with Berkson YOU get access to in-depth individualized concierge medicine with a top expert in the field.

Berkson’s work is individualized. Her initial intakes take from one to three hours, depending on the complexity of your case. Berkson then writes personalized recommendations and protocols. These may include diet, nutrients, neurotransmitters, recipes, possibly more testing, and recommendations for your personal medical providers.

You can work with Berkson by phone, Skype or face time, or in person at Berkson Health in Great Hills, Austin, TX.

FEES vary depending on time spent. Berkson is an education specialist consultant so charges are based on time.

Coming Soon! In the meantime see Dr. Berkson’s Consultation page by clicking here.

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